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for this model, i believe the video will be saved in the handset that will provided right? how does the shoe battery being being charged - can you share with me te USB port for charging to se the durability .

i do not see the handset listed in the packaging information.

can you confirm and provide me pic before i place order. Genuine buyer--------------------------------hidden usb port,very hidden.


Could you send me more details about the cam position on these shoes? It seems to be really hidden, which is very good, but I cannot see the position of the batteries place, the recharger plugin, the point of view of the cam, etc. Could you give me too some examples of use? It could be a video like a merchandising or a few technical photos explaining how to use.
Best regards,

Eduardo Costa------------------------------ok,i send you email.


I want the spy emergency--------ok,you can buy my website.

EnglishMasli fahad

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