How to Pay

Payment Methods makes paying for your orders easy by providing a range of convenient payment options. Below is a guide to the different ... more info

Can I Pay by Western Union?

    Yeah, We accept western union payment. If you are first time on After your payment,please inform us detailed payment ... more info

Do I Have To Pay VAT / Sales Tax?

    Do I have to pay VAT or any other form of sales tax on products bought through We do not add any additional charges or taxes ... more info

Viewing Prices In Different Currencies

    Ow can I view prices on your website in different currencies? You can choose to view prices in different currencies using the drop-down Currencies ... more info

Dropshipper Need To Pay Attention To!

    If you dropship product from directly to your customer,please make sure that the shipping address you filled in Paypal is the ... more info

Why Was My Order Cancelled

    Why was my order cancelled?/Why did you refund my payment? If we returned your money to you and closed your order, it is almost certainly because we ... more info

Western Union/Bank Transfer fee

    Is paying by bank transfer/western union free? No, they are not free. You may have to pay a fee when the money is sent to by ... more info

Can I Pay By Credit Card?

    Yes. BUT it’s better to activate the payment through the Paypal. The paypal accept the International Credit Card, like Visa/MasterCard/American ... more info

Shipping For Online Sellers

    Calculating shipping costs for your online store is simple, and you don't need to wait until the orders come in. l  On the item's product ... more info

VAT & Sales Tax Info

    Do I have to pay VAT or any other form of sales tax on products bought through We do not add any additional charges to you ... more info

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What Do Our Customers Say?
Hey do you offer EU 48 (US 13) shoe size and would it cost more?------dear sir,yes, we have EU 48 (US 13) shoe size shoe camera.


Do you ship to Brazil?
what the cost of shipping?
do not speak English, I use google translator.-------------------------dear sir,we can shipping to brazil,We website support online Calculate shipping cost.


It is very good thanks


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